If you speak english and a language other that english or german you may help me to translate this tool in other languages.
I'll attribute the translation to the translator of course but you may also stay anonymous.

Anyway, here's how to translate, it's pretty simple.
First you'll need to download JLokalize (it required Java, but I assume you have it installed) to translate the files.
There is also a manual that explains the usage of JLokalize.

You'll have to add a language and edit ONLY the one you've just added.
When you add a new language it is just important that ONLY the language field is filled.


The language files are located at ".../LetterMan/Languages/".

  • All texts/messages are split into 3 categories:
    • Labels
    • Errors
    • Messages

Then just open a bundle you want to translate. You do this by opening any of the BundleName_lang.proterties files. (e.g. opening will open all languages for the "Labels" category, not just german).